Exercise 01: Active or Passive Voice?

Instructions: Select an alternative, then click "Show Solutions" to check the correct forms.
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  1.   Everybody ___ by the terrible news yesterday.
    shocked     was shocked
  2.   Mr. Green ___ at the University since 1989.
    has been teaching     has been taught
  3.   Not much ___ about the accident since that time.
    has said     has been said
  4.   A new book ___ by that company next year.
    will publish     will be published
  5.   He ___ the girl's name now.
    remembers     is remembered
  6.   The secretary ___ to her new boss yesterday.
    introduced     was introduced
  7.   Our plan ___ by the members of the committee.
    is being considered     is considered
  8.   He ___ responsible for the accident.
    was holding     was held
  9.   A prize ___ to whoever solves this equation.
    will be giving     will be given
  10.   When the manager arrived, the problem ___ .
    had already been solved.     had already solved.
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 1. was shocked
 2. has been teaching
 3. has been said
 4. will be published
 5. remembers
 6. was introduced
 7. is being considered
 8. was held
 9. will be given
10. had already been solved