Exercise on possessive adjectives

Instructions: Select an alternative, then click "Show Solutions" to check the correct forms. [If you need help in translation, you can copy-paste the text and use Google Translate Tool].
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1. Alice is wearing a skirt; _____ skirt is light blue.
    a. its         b. your         c. her         d. their

2. Bill is wearing pants; _____ pants are black.
    a. his         b. its         c. their         d. our

3. I am wearing jeans; _____ jeans are blue.
    a. its         b. their         c. my         d. your

4. Linda is wearing earrings; _____ earrings are silver.
    a. his         b. her         c. your         d. their

5. Jim and Bill are wearing coats; _____ coats are green.
    a. his         b. your         c. their         d. our

6. You are wearing socks; _____ socks are white.
    a. their         b. my         c. your         d. his

7. Tom is wearing a belt; _____ belt is brown.
    a. her         b. his         c. our         d. its

8. Ann and I are wearing caps; _____ caps are green and yellow.
    a. our         b. his         c. their         d. her

9. You are wearing a head band; _____ head band is colorful.
    a. her         b. our         c. his         d. your

10. Sue and you are wearing gowns; _____ gowns are pretty.
    a. your         b. our         c. my         d. her

11. John Anderson forgot to inform _____ wife.
    a. their         b. our         c. his         d. her

12. Mary and Susan talk like _____ own mother.
    a. your         b. our         c. my         d. their

13. Alex and I were late for _____ class.
    a. your         b. our         c. my     her

14. Princess Caroline is wearing _____ new Gucci gown.
    a. her         b. our         c. my         d. their

15. Where are _____ keys? I can't find them.
    a. your         b. our         c. my         d. her

16. Where do they keep _____ money, in the bank?
    a. your         b. their         c. my         d. her

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 1. c

 2. a

 3. c

 4. b

 5. c

 6. c

 7. b

 8. a

 9. d

10. c

11. d

12. b

13. a

14. a

15. c

16. b