Exercise 1 on Adjective Order

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  1.   He invited that ___ lady to dinner.
    young beautiful     beautiful young
  2.   These are ___ products.
    excellent agricultural     agricultural excellent
  3.   Why can't you wear your ___ dress tonight?
    pink silk     silk pink
  4.   The boy needs ___ balls for that activity.
    ten cotton small     ten small cotton
  5.   I've booked that ___ table on the corner.
    big square     square big
  6.   Mary's husband gave her a ___ vase.
    porcelain French     French porcelain
  7.   He broke Mother's ___ milk jug.
    green old     old green
  8.   My brother wants to meet that ___ girl.
    tall Japanese     Japanese tall
  9.   What do you plan to do with these ___ bottles?
    empty wine     wine empty
  10.   That ___ woman needs help.
    old foreign     foreign old
  11.   There are two ___ dresses in her closet.
    red beautiful     beautiful red
  12.   Tom never lets his sister drive his ___ car.
    sports expensive     expensive sports
  13.   When traveling to Peru, make sure you visit the ___ ruins.
    ancient Inca     Inca ancient
  14.   She sells ___ cookies.
    delicious chocolate     chocolate delicious
  15.   The room was decorated with ___ balloons.
    red big     big red
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 1. beautiful young
 2. excellent agricultural
 3. pink silk
 4. ten small cotton
 5. big square
 6. French porcelain
 7. old green
 8. tall Japanese
 9. empty wine
10. old foreign
11. beautiful red
12. expensive sports
13. ancient Inca
14. delicious chocolate
15. big red