Exercise 01 on Conjunctions

Choose the connecting word that completes the sentences meaningfully. Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.
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  1.   I don't know ___ you want to meet that lady. She's such a snob.
    that     why     when
  2.   He looks ___ he were sick.
    even if     even though     as if, as though
  3.   He asked ___ he could smoke a cigarette.
    whether, if     what     that
  4.   He insists ___ I be there.
    if     that     as if
  5.   He punished the little boy ___ put salt in his coffee.
    who     which     whenever
  6.   It was raining hard ___ we left the office.
    where     when     although
  7.   He'll have the work done ___ that you arrive.
    when     after     by the time
  8.   ___ I was saying, how many of you want to attend the conference?
    As     So     For
  9.   He must be rich, ___ he spends a lot of money on gifts for his girlfriend.
    but     for     in order to
  10.   We have been having problems with the heater ___ we bought it.
    when     while     since
  11.   ___ he said did not please us.
    That     Which     What
  12.   I liked the car, ___ I bought it.
    so     for     even so
  13.   The picture ___ is hanging over my bed was painted by an art student.
    which     who     whom
  14.   Her parents will be very happy ___ she passes with flying colors.
    so that     if     though
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 1. why
 2. as if, as though
 3. whether, if
 4. that
 5. who, that
 6. when
 7. by the time
 8. As
 9. for
10. since
11. What
12. so
13. that, which
14. if