Exercise 02 on Prepositions

Choose the right preposition. Instructions: Select an alternative, then click "Show Solutions" to check the correct forms.
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1. Dave graduated __________ Oxford University.
   a. for     b. at     c. from

2. I'm not familiar __________ California.
   a. of     b. with     c. to

3. The jar is filled __________ candy.
   a. with     b. by     c. of

4. The book is __________ the desk.
   a. to     b. in     c. on

5. I insist __________ paying.
   a. to     b. for     c. on

6. I'm interested __________ buying a new computer.
   a. to     b. for     c. in

7. Divers dive __________ the water.
   a. under     b. in     c. at

8. __________ my opinion, Jane is a crazy teacher!
   a. By     b. For     c. In

9. What are the ingredients __________ this delicious dish?
   a. of     b. about     c. at

10. My son Benjamin is named __________ Benjamin Franklin.
   a. for     b. about     c. after

11. __________ the meantime, you can prepare dinner.
   a. in     b. about     c. after

12. Have you decided __________ a name for the baby yet?
   a. for     b. about     c. on

13. Are you still working __________ your project?
   a. for     b. on     c. after

14. He reminds me __________ my brother-in-law.
   a. of     b. about     c. in

15. She's often mistaken __________ her sister.
   a. for     b. on     c. of

16. We are leaving __________ London next Saturday.
   a. to     b. for     c. in

17. She was angry __________ herself for having made such stupid mistakes.
   a. for     b. with<     c. after

18. Excuse me __________ being late.
   a. for     b. about     c. to

19. They aren't interested __________ chemistry.
   a. for     b. about     c. in

20. It will all depend __________ his mood.
   a. from     b. on     c. after

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 1. c

 2. b

 3. a

 4. c

 5. c

 6. c

 7. a

 8. c

 9. a

10. c

11. a

12. c

13. b

14. a

15. a

16. b

17. b

18. a

19. c

20. b