Prepositions Exercise 7: For-Since in expressions of time

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  1. How long have you lived in the United States? _____ one year.
    for     since
  2. How long has Mary been a nurse? _____ April
    for     since
  3. How long has Karen known Tom? _____ 1979
    for     since
  4. How long have they studied English? _____ a few months
    for     since
  5. How long has Karen played tennis? _____ a long time
    for     since
  6. How long has he worn glasses? _____ he was a child.
    for     since
  7. How long has Emily played the piano? _____ high school
    for     since
  8. How long will you be on vacation? _____ three weeks
    for     since
  9. How long have you driven a car? _____ I was 18.
    for     since
  10. How long has Ron had his new computer? _____ August
    for     since
  11. How long has she owned the bookshop? _____ ten years
    for     since
  12. How long has Gary played football? _____ several years
    for     since
  13. How long have your friends been in town? _____ Monday
    for     since
  14. How long has Mrs. Smith lived on Clark Street? _____ many years
    for     since
  15. How long has the post office been closed? _____ five o'clock
    for     since
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 1. for
 2. since
 3. since
 4. for
 5. for
 6. since
 7. since
 8. for
 9. since
10. since
11. for
12. for
13. since
14. for
15. since