Exercise: Review 001

Instructions: Select an alternative, then click "Show Solutions" to check the correct forms.
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  1. Mr. Smith is from Toronto _____.
     so      home    too    lives
  2. _____ you thirsty?
     Are      Can      Do      Was
  3. _____ the window please.
     It      That      Open      Closing
  4. He went home _____ five o'clock.
     since      at      on      in
  5. My brother _____ for a clothes store.
     always      work      works      manager
  6. Are you and Tom going _____ tomorrow?
     to shopping      a shop      shopping      for shop
  7. The room _____ have a telephone.
     you      doesn't      not      is
  8. _____Jim's car outside.
     There's      He see      Isn't      Were it
  9. Please get _____ milk at the store.
     any      a few      it      some
  10. Can I have _____ cookies?
     a few      any      a little      great
  11. We were afraid that before long _____ would increase.
     oil prices      necessary      gas      costly
  12. Many employees live _____ their office.
     near      close      nearby      across
  13. James fell _____ Brenda at once.
     love      in love      love with      in love with
  14. Could you please tell me the _____ of this word?
     pronounce      meaning      pronouncement      means
  15. _____the employees of that company work overtime at least twice a week.
     Almost      At most      Most      Almost all
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 1. too

 2. Are

 3. Open

 4. at

 5. works

 6. shopping

 7. doesn't

 8. There's

 9. some

10. a few

11. oil prices

12. near

13. in love with

14. meaning

15. Almost all