Pre-Intermediate Review Test 002

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  1. Our office is open Mondays through Fridays, _____ not on Saturdays and Sundays.
    either     or     but     so
  2. If any customers _____ dissatisfied, please tell them to call me directly.
    am     is     are     be
  3. My relationship with Mr. Brown started as a business relationship and became a _____.
    friends     friendly     friendless     friendship
  4. Tom's bus will be arriving _____ Detroit in an hour.
    before     in     around     at
  5. We have to send those letters tomorrow because the typists weren't able to get the work _____ in time.
    do     done     did     does
  6. If Ms. White is unable to answer your question, Ms. Williams, her supervisor, _____ help you.
    can     did     could not     would not
  7. We rely on you for your experience, skills, and _____ advice.
    wisdom     wisely     wise     wiser
  8. I expect to _____ about £40,000 next year.
    salary     earn     worth     income
  9. The boss asked his secretary to check the report for typing _____.
    errands     errs     errors     mistake
  10. Mr. Brown is considered one of the _____ hardworking clerks in the office.
    much     more     most     fewer
  11. The graduation dance has been changed from the Meetings Room _____ the Ballroom.
    at     to     until     by
  12. The sales manager _____ to South Africa for an important meeting.
    went     gone     go     going
  13. Because Mr. White is taking morning classes, he _____ the afternoon shift this year.
    will be always working     will always be working     will be working always     always will be working
  14. The new copier will be installed _____ the two offices.
    among     around     between     from
  15. The students need permission from school for a _____ interview.
    job     occupation     chore     golf
  16. Workers eat lunch at the company cafeteria at least _____.
    often     sometimes     once     twice a week
  17. All employees have to turn off the air conditioners _____ they leave the office.
    afterwards     before     while     because
  18. _____ it was Ms. Johnson's birthday, her employees sent her a gift.
    But     Even though     Since     While
  19. Workers in this factory are encoureged to do physical exercises _____ during their lunch time.
    oftentimes     every day     monthly     day by day
  20. I could not find his address _____ telephone number.
    or     although     but     even though
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 1. but
 2. are
 3. friendship
 4. in
 5. done
 6. can
 7. wise
 8. earn
 9. errors
10. more
11. to
12. went
13. will always be working
14. between
15. job
16. twice a week
17. before
18. Since
19. every day
20. or