Pre-Intermediate Review Test 003

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  1. I have to finish this report _____ this Thursday.
     till      until      by      within
  2. The kids _____ to be about fifteen years old.
     looked      were seemed      seemed      were looked
  3. Brenda likes her job very much, but she _____.
     is not well paid      have no free time      is shy very much      has much too work
  4. Thomas thinks he made that mistake and is blaming _____.
     his      himself      him      his friend
  5. This research center _____ to improve treatment for heart disease.
     was founded      founded      is founding      founding
  6. Richard is _____ in church on Sundays.
     most      almost      most usually      almost always
  7. If you think I'm going to apologize, you're talking to the wrong _____.
     personnel      person      people      ones
  8. My parents _____ a small law company.
     belong with      work at      owners of      are employed
  9. _____ must finish work before they can leave the office.
     Anybody      Everyone      Anyone      Nobody
  10. This word has more than one _____.
     meaning      means      meaningful      meanness
  11. Tell me _____ you gave it to.
     what      when      who      how
  12. _____ this kind of piano?
     Has ever he repaired      Has he repaired ever      Ever has he repaired      Has he ever repaired
  13. Nobody likes _____ bad news.
     to be tell      to be told      be told      tell
  14. The plane is going to take off, please _____ your seat belts.
     embrace      grip      fasten      catch
  15. Mr. Robbins took up _____ one year ago.
     to playing golf      to play golf      play golf      golf
  16. Dennis _____ school and enlisted in the Army.
     quit from      quit at      quit      was quit from
  17. Jim was sent to the Liverpool office, but his wife stayed _____ in Glasgow.
     instead      behind      to      away
  18. Mr. Williams was busy _____ his big company.
     to run      running      with running      about running
  19. Ms. Johns tried to hold her family together, but it just didn't _____.
     do      go      work      manage
  20. I can _____ home only once a month.
     return      return from      return to      return back to
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 1. by

 2. seemed

 3. is not well paid

 4. himself

 5. was founded

 6. almost always

 7. person

 8. work at

 9. Everyone

10. meaning

11. who

12. Has he ever repaired

13. to be told

14. fasten

15. golf

16. quit

17. behind

18. running

19. work

20. return