Pre-Intermediate Review Test 004

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  1. She leaves _____ the office at 7 every afternoon.
    to     for     in     at
  2. My sister is _____ her picture taken.
    making     having     letting     asking
  3. The policeman grabbed the thief _____ the sleeve.
    on     in     by     with
  4. This song _____ me of my first love.
    minded     recalled     reminded     remembered
  5. We were all _____ the news.
    disappointing at     disappointed with     disappointed at     disappointing with
  6. Everyone agreed _____ the proposal I presented in the meeting.
    in     to     at     for
  7. Ms Johnston bought a slice of cake for her son and two for _____.
    her     hers     them     herself
  8. They wanted to see how fast the new plane _____ fly.
    must     could     has to     had to
  9. It started _____ about five o'clock.
    snow     to snow     in snow     and snowed
  10. I caught _____ large fish.
    ever     fair     a little     a rather
  11. Eleanor told them she _____ a good time.
    gets     is having     has had     had had
  12. My sister is _____ nice person that everyone likes her.
    so     such     such a     very
  13. Before the meeting today, most students were just _____.
    chatter     saying over     talking     discussing about
  14. Since workers are not paid well, they need a _____ job.
    part-time     one more     side     more good
  15. Trucks are produced in _____.
    plant     offices     garages     factories
  16. Someone _____ my cousin's car last night.
    robbed of     stole     take     borrow
  17. I put my t-shirt on _____ out.
    inside     upside     insides     backwards
  18. The baseball team practiced very hard, but they _____.
    losed     lost     loosing     losted
  19. This same computer _____ several times this year.
    used     has running     broke down     needed
  20. Those girls enjoy _____ as waitresses.
    working     employ     to do     job
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 1. for
 2. having
 3. by
 4. reminded
 5. disappointed at
 6. to
 7. herself
 8. could
 9. to snow
10. a rather
11. had had
12. such a
13. talking
14. part-time
15. factories
16. stole
17. inside
18. lost
19. broke down
20. working