Pre-Intermediate Review Test 005

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  1. Clients were _____ that the lawyer's office would open today.
    known     angrily     told     surprising
  2. We wish we _____ got the contract
    have     could     will     had
  3. The first conference _____ 9 o'clock.
    opens from     starts on     begins at     goes in
  4. Every student has to write _____ own name on the test paper.
    his or her     him     their     whose
  5. During the church service, my father fell _____.
    asleep     sleepy     sleeping     in sleep
  6. There are very _____ people who agree with him.
    much     few     little     lots
  7. Ink cartridges are expensive _____ once used they cannot be refilled.
    when     if not     because     so
  8. Our meeting was put off _____ an earthquake.
    since     on account     because of     for
  9. The teacher _____ my mistakes.
    showed to me     to show me     show to     showed me
  10. John has _____ completed the test.
    already     still     maybe     yet
  11. There is _____ beer left in the fridge.
    few     little     less     fewer
  12. I _____ to Ms Phillips.
    is speak     was spoke     will speak     has spoken
  13. When the policeman stopped me, he told me not to drive _____.
    so fast     so hasty     hurry     such a hurry
  14. The interviews for the new jobs were scheduled _____ Monday morning.
    at     on     until     in
  15. The elevator will stop when it _____ to the top floor.
    comes     will reach     arrives     is
  16. Jeremy's boss _____ him to finish the report.
    said     asked to     request     told
  17. I cannot go to the theatre because I _____ a headache.
    am     got     was     have
  18. The lifts are located _____ the toys department.
    into     across     near     between
  19. We hired a famous artist to _____ the conference room.
    decorating     decor     decorate     decoration
  20. If she arrives before the meeting, we _____ really surprised.
    would be     will be     is     was
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 1. told
 2. had
 3. begins at
 4. his or her
 5. asleep
 6. few
 7. because
 8. because of
 9. showed me
10. already
11. little
12. will speak
13. so fast
14. on
15. comes
16. told
17. have
18. near
19. decorate
20. will be