Pre-Intermediate Review Test 006

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  1. I saw in the billboard that the next plane to London _____ in one hour.
     depart      departs      departed      departing
  2. Grandpa cannot see _____ without his glasses.
     clearly      carefully      finely      nearly
  3. The shipment was already damaged when it _____.
     arrived      has arrived      was arriving      had arrived
  4. I was _____ when I received a telephone call meant for someone else.
     confuse      confusing      confused      confuses
  5. In front of the airport terminal, you can _____ a taxi.
     find      hired      took      found
  6. There was a sharp rise in the value of the dollar _____ a decrease in export sales.
     resulting in      caused by      intending to      according to
  7. This bus does not _____ Brighton.
     go out      pass through      run over      travel on
  8. We want to see James, but he _____ on the phone.
     talks      is talking      talking      talked
  9. Marion and Jim _____ over coffee when their cousins arrived.
     talked      are talking      were talked      were talking
  10. Jennifer is accustomed to _____ very spicy food.
     eating      eat      eats      eaten
  11. Many words have various meanings, _____ the context.
     dependent in      depending in      depending on      dependable on
  12. The boss wanted his secretary _____ to the office on time.
     comes      come      came      to come
  13. Your singing is getting _____.
     well      best      the best      better
  14. The police shot him _____ the foot.
     on      in     over     at
  15. Tell the students _____ you want them to take to the test.
    when     how     why     what
  16. _____ what use will it be to them?
    For     Of     At     To
  17. All items may be ordered _____ our local agent.
    through     about     in     during
  18. Susan has been working very hard from seven this morning _____ four pm.
    past     before     till     by
  19. If you need a pen, you can use one _____.
    of me     my     mine     of mine
  20. My uncle wants to stop _____ because of his health problems.
    smoking     to smoke     to smoking     for smoke
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 1. departs

 2. clearly

 3. arrived

 4. confused

 5. find

 6. resulting in

 7. pass through

 8. is talking

 9. were talking

10. eating

11. depending on

12. to come

13. better

14. in

15. what

16. Of

17. through

18. till

19. of mine

20. smoking