Pre-Intermediate Review Test 007

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  1. This painting is _____, look! The top is on the bottom.
     up and down      upside down      up or down      bottom up
  2. Jason's wife has her hair _____ at that beauty shop every week.
     do      to do      done      doing
  3. Managers and directors are advised to wear their _____ at meetings.
     hats      coats      eyeglasses      ties
  4. We were _____ in renting the apartment.
     interested      interesting      interest      to interest
  5. My aunt's husband left her without _____.
     pennies      a penny      a money      no money
  6. If your sister _____ her umbrella yesterday, she wouldn't have got wet.
     carries      has had      had      had carried
  7. If you _____ attacked, how would you get away?
     will be      would be      were      be
  8. The boxer was knocked out _____ round.
     at the one      in the one      at the first      in the first
  9. Between _____, I think Mr. Roberts will be promoted.
     you and I      you and myself      yourself and myself      you and me
  10. The flight _____ Brisbane was cancelled due to the typhoon.
     to      on      by      at
  11. Starting from next week, the lunch break will be _____ by 10 minutes.
     short      shortened      shortening      shortage
  12. We had forgotten to turn off the gas _____ we left home.
     before      because      since      after
  13. An error was found in the order after the payment _____.
     had been sent      is sent      has been sent      is sending
  14. You should call ____ make an appointment before you come.
     while      before      nor      and
  15. After five o'clock, we leave the office and and go _____.
     homely      to home      home      homeless
  16. That restaurant _____ fresh fish every day for its customers.
     buy      buys      buying      have bought
  17. Students' meetings are _____ held in the conference room.
     monthly      every week      always      once
  18. Your project _____ to require more money than was budgeted.
     had seemed      seems      is seeming      will seem
  19. We _____ ready to learn something new.
     should always be      being always should      always be should      always should being
  20. John worked very hard, and _____.
     I worked      neither did I      I did too      I not
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 1. upside down

 2. done

 3. ties

 4. interested

 5. a penny

 6. had carried

 7. were

 8. in the first

 9. you and me

10. to

11. shortened

12. before

13. had been sent

14. and

15. home

16. buys

17. always

18. seems

19. should always be

20. I did too