Pre-Intermediate Review Test 008

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  1. My teacher asked me _____ I had been offered the job.
    that if     whether     that     if that
  2. The shareholders agreed to meet _____ the 21st of January.
    for     on     to     from
  3. We were told our flight number and departure time _____ the airlines confirmed the reservation.
    during     because     when     while
  4. This committee meets only _____.
    every four year     every four years     each four year     each four years
  5. The other week the workers at that factory said they _____ go on strike today.
    can to     are going     want     will
  6. You can _____ Oxford on your way to London.
    stop over     visit     drop in     going to
  7. The Director _____ to open a branch in Hong Kong this year.
    hopes     wishing     want     going
  8. Please wait _____ a couple of minutes more.
    in     to     for     by
  9. The train is scheduled to arrive _____ 8 p.m.
    on     to     before     in
  10. She _____ to Austria several times since 1990.
    had gone     has been     went     was going
  11. My mother changed the tire _____ because no one was there to help her.
    she     her     herself     hers
  12. Both my parents encouraged James _____ a university education.
    getting     got     to get     have got
  13. There are _____ people in my company that can speak Russian.
    little     less     small     few
  14. By half past nine everyone _____ breakfast.
    eating     eaten     had eaten     has been eating
  15. The teacher told me to finish the essay by tomorrow, but I had _____ done it.
    already     yet     still     until
  16. We cannot afford to buy a house _____ we get a mortgage.
    unless     however     although     moreover
  17. An advertisement for a new Apple computer _____ in the Sunday Times.
    has been     recently ran     read     showed
  18. He heard a strange sound and _____ up in the middle of the night.
    wakes     was waking     woke     didn't wake
  19. Don't worry for your book. He will give _____ tonight.
    it back to you     you it back to     back it to you     to you it back
  20. I like to have _____ trees in front of my windows so passers-by cannot look in.
    any     a little     a few     few
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 1. whether
 2. on
 3. when
 4. every four years
 5. will
 6. visit
 7. hopes
 8. for
 9. before
10. has been
11. herself
12. to get
13. few
14. had eaten
15. already
16. unless
17. recently ran
18. woke
19. it back to you
20. a few