Pre-Intermediate Review Test 009

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  1. I can't hear you. Please _____.
    repeat     once more     say again     speak louder
  2. Stephen is _____ his wife take his picture.
    making     having     let     gotten
  3. If we had known our trip to Africa would be so expensive, we _____ his trip until next year.
    will postpone     postponed     would have postponed     had postponed
  4. You don't need to eat _____ , we've still got half an hour.
    early     quickly     fastly     rapid
  5. You two have to finish that work _____.
    themselves     yourselves     yourself     himself
  6. This type of phone _____ in the 19706.
    invented     has been invented     had invented     was invented
  7. _____ our friends like to sing.
    The most     Most     Most of     The most of
  8. Our principal has _____ many problems that he doesn't know what to do.
    very     such     so     such a
  9. We went _____ the day before yesterday.
    swim     swam     swimming     swims
  10. We have someone _____ our house once a week.
    clean     cleaned     cleans     to clean
  11. That lady is _____ in this room.
    prettier     most pretty     more pretty     the prettiest
  12. Mary bought a pair of new shoes and _____ right away.
    put on it     put on them     put it on     put them on
  13. My father said _____ when he had time.
    he would have gone     he will go     he would go     he had go
  14. I bought a _____ of detective stories.
    couple     many     two     few
  15. If this phone does not work, you _____ a full refund.
    will give     receives     are receiving     will be given
  16. Look _____! There's a train coming.
    away     at     out     over
  17. One of my sister's friends _____ next summer.
    are going to graduate     graduate     graduating     is going to graduate
  18. When I met Claire last month, we _____ each other for over five years.
    didn't see     saw     hadn't seen     have seen
  19. We know several technicians from _____.
    England     the England     an England     English
  20. Everyone _____ to swim when it is hot.
    likes     liking     like     are liking
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 1. speak louder
 2. making
 3. would have postponed
 4. quickly
 5. yourselves
 6. was invented
 7. Most of
 8. so
 9. swimming
10. clean
11. the prettiest
12. put them on
13. he would go
14. couple
15. will be given
16. out
17. is going to graduate
18. hadn't seen
19. England