Pre-Intermediate Review Test 010

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  1. What did Mr. Smith _____ from the library?
     loan      borrow      lend      send
  2. With this meeting we want to make all members _____ our problem.
     understanding      understood      understand      be understanding
  3. If you ship by Federal Express, your packet _____ Chicago by tomorrow noon.
     reach      will reach      reached      is reaching
  4. He spoke well, _____ I wasn't convinced he was telling the truth.
     and so      but still      and then      but now
  5. All guests who _____ out after noon should pay an extra day.
     will check      were checking      are checking      is going to check
  6. If we _____ a mistake, we will not charge you for our work.
     make      will make      had make      made
  7. Jennifer _____ working with this company for five years.
     has      has been      is      will
  8. The secretary _____ her boss if she had his personal phone number.
     will call      call      called      would call
  9. The tourists had their cases _____ at the hotel.
     picked up      picking up      pick up      to be picked up
  10. My parents live in France. They _____ there since 1995.
     lived      live      are living      have been living
  11. We're terribly sorry about _____ the appointment.
     forgetting      to forget      forgotten      forget
  12. Ms. Porter looks very tired. She _____ last night.
     must not have slept      had to sleep      didn't have to sleep      must have slept
  13. Our train _____ late last night.
     had arrived      has arrived      was arriving      arrived
  14. We planned _____ our friends at the airport.
     to meet      met      meet      meeting
  15. The flowers you wanted for your mother-in-law _____.
     have never been ordered      never have been ordered      have been ever ordered      have ever been ordered
  16. I wish I _____ enough money to buy that house.
     had      was having      have      will have
  17. Some workers don't like to have their paychecks _____ to their homes.
     mail      mails      mailed      mailing
  18. The RKO Company has had a very _____ year.
     successfully      successful      success      successes
  19. My cousin Thomas cannot do it all by _____.
     his self      he      himself      him
  20. Yesterday was the coldest day _____ recorded in 50 years.
     ever      as      that      since
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 1. borrow

 2. understand

 3. will reach

 4. but still

 5. are checking

 6. make

 7. has been

 8. would call

 9. picked up

10. have been living

11. forgetting

12. must not have slept

13. arrived

14. to meet

15. have never been ordered

16. had

17. mailed

18. successful

19. himself

20. ever