Translation Italian/English: Conditionals Ex. 01

Write in the text area your translations, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct sentences. Pay attention to these examples:
  1. Andrò con loro se saprò la data del viaggio
  2. Andrei con loro se sapessi...
  3. Sarei andato/a con loro se avessi saputo ...

  1. I will go with them if I know the travel dates
  2. I would go with them if I knew...
  3. I would have gone with them if I had known...
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  1. Avrebbe dormito bene se avesse bevuto del latte caldo
  2. Avrebbe guadagnato bene se avesse accettato il lavoro
  3. Dormirà bene se berrà del latte caldo
  4. Dormirebbe bene se bevesse del latte caldo
  5. Guadagnerà molto denaro se accetterà quel lavoro
  6. Guadagnerebbe molto denaro se accettasse quel lavoro
  7. La troverai a casa se andrai subito
  8. La troveresti a casa se andassi subito
  9. L'avresti trovata a casa se fossi andato subito
  10. Se avessi studiato molto, avresti superato il tuo esame
  11. Se studiassi molto, supereresti il tuo esame
  12. Se studierai molto, supererai il tuo esame
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 1. He would have slept well if he had drunk warm milk

 2. He would have earned lots of money if he had taken the job

 3. He will sleep well if he drinks warm milk

 4. He would sleep well if he drank warm milk

 5. He will earn lots of money if he accepts that job

 6. He would earn lots of money if he accepted the job

 7. You'll find her at home if you go now

 8. You would find her at home if you went now

 9. You would have found her at home if you had gone immediately

10. If you had studied hard, you would have passed your exam

11. If you studied hard, you would pass your exam

12. If you study hard, you will pass your exam