Translation Italian/English: Conditionals Exercise 02

Write in the text area your translations, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct sentences. Pay attention to these examples:
  1. Andrò con loro se saprò la data del viaggio
  2. Andrei con loro se sapessi...
  3. Sarei andato/a con loro se avessi saputo ...

  1. I will go with them if I know the travel dates
  2. I would go with them if I knew...
  3. I would have gone with them if I had known...
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  1. Se arrivassimo prima, lo incontreremmo
  2. Se arriveremo prima, lo incontreremo
  3. Se avesse avuto più soldi, avrebbe comprato una nuova auto
  4. Se avesse più soldi, comprerebbe una nuova macchina
  5. Se avessi avuto parenti in America, avrei fatto loro visita
  6. Se avessi bevuto troppo, ti saresti sentito male
  7. Se avessi mangiato troppo, saresti ingrassato
  8. Se avessi parenti in America, li visiterei
  9. Se avessi vinto la lotteria, avrei viaggiato in tutto il mondo
  10. Se avrà più soldi, comprerà una nuova macchina
  11. Se avrai più tempo, andrai al cinema
  12. Se berrai troppo, ti sentirai male
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 1. If we came along earlier, we would meet him

 2. If we come along earlier, we will meet him

 3. If he had had more money, he would have bought a new car

 4. If he had more money, he would buy a new car

 5. If I had had relatives in America, I would have visited them

 6. If you had drunk too much, you would have felt sick

 7. If I had eaten too much, you would have put on weight

 8. If I had relatives in America, I would visit them

 9. If I had won the lottery, I would have travelled all over the world

10. If he has more money, he will buy a new car

11. If you have more time, you will go to the movies

12. If you drink too much, you will feel sick