Exercise on Verb/Subject agreement - 01

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  1. He and I _______ very good friends.
    is    are    am
  2. The mob ________ dispersed.
    has    are    were
  3. You and he ________ involved in this project.
    is    are    was
  4. Every leaf and every flower _________ stripped off the tree.
    are    was    were
  5. Each of the suspected men _______ arrested.
    was    are    were
  6. All students and teachers ________for a new facility by next year.
    hope    hopes
  7. A man with a black bag and two suitcases _______ here.
    is    are    were
  8. No room or corner ______ left unexplored.
    were    are    was
  9. Neither pleasure nor profit ________ to be derived from such a book.
    are    had    is
  10. Either the father or the son ________ made a mistake.
    has    have    was
  11. There ________ many objections to such a plan.
    is    are    was
  12. Jason, as well as David and Frances, _______ pasta.
    like    likes    had like
  13. No news _______ good news.
    are    is    were
  14. Five euros ______ an excessive price for this pen.
    were    are    is
  15. Either she or I _______ to do it.
    has    have    is
  16. Not only the students but also their teacher ________ been called by the police.
    have    has
  17. Man's happiness or misery _________ in a great measure in his own hands.
    lie    lies    lays
  18. Four gallons of milk _______ still in the refrigerator.

    are    is
  19. A variety of pleasing objects ________ the eye.
    charms    charm    had charm
  20. The quality of the cheese ________ not good.
    were    are    was
  21. I would like to get near when one of the volcanic eruptions ________ place.
    take    takes    taken
  22. The Governor with his secretary _______ just arrived.
    has    have    are
  23. Four years _______ a long time to spend away from your family.
    are    is
  24. Justice, as well as mercy, ________ it.
    allow    allows    had allow
  25. William, and not you, _______ it.
    wants    want    had want
  26. Neither praise nor blame _______ to affect him.
    seems    seem    same
  27. I, who ________ your friend, will guard your interests.
    am    is    are
  28. He is one of the best artists that _______ ever appeared on stage.
    has    have    had
  29. Not one of these boys ________ present then.
    was    are    were
  30. Which one of these pencils ______ yours?
    are    were    is
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 1. are

 2. has

 3. are

 4. was

 5. was

 6. hope

 7. is

 8. was

 9. is

10. has

11. b


13. is

14. is

15. have

16. has

17. lies

18. are

19. charms

20. was

21. takes

22. has

23. is

24. allows

25. wants

26. seems

27. am

28. have

29. were

30. is