Exercise on Verb/Subject agreement - 02

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  1. Your English _______ very good.
    was    are    were
  2. That night everyone of the crew _______ down with fever.
    was    is    were
  3. Freddy Mercury _______ born in Zanzibar.
    were    was    is
  4. To international observers, the economic policies of our country ________ to be a disaster.
    seem    seems
  5. Neither his father nor his mother ______ alive.
    are    is    were
  6. Four tons of tin _______ seven hundred pounds.
    cost    costs    costed
  7. A bundle of papers _______ brought in the office.
    was    are    were
  8. Suzanne and Stephen ________to the same school.
    goes    gone    go
  9. "Gulliver's Travels" ________ written by Jonathan Swift.
    are    is    was
  10. Jackie is the only one of the students who __________ reached the teacher's objectives.
    has    have
  11. Platinum as well as gold _________ found in South Africa.
    is    are    were
  12. Our football Club, as well as the School Chorus, __________ to submit a new request.
    need    needs
  13. One of the arguments he offered ________ especially convincing.
    seem    seems    had seem
  14. One of my best friends _____________ as a disc-jockey at MTV.
    work    works
  15. Early to bed and early to rise _______ a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
    make    makes    had
  16. Each student and teacher in the college __________ for a new facility by next year.
    hope    hopes
  17. Two thirds of the city _______ in ruins.
    are    were    is
  18. Neither food nor water ________ to be found there.
    has    are    was
  19. Pasta and pizza, my favorite dishes, __________ me of my native Naples.
    remind    reminds
  20. Neither of the girls _________ quite sincere.
    was    are    were
  21. In regard to approving the project, the committee ________ divided.
    was    has    were
  22. The difficulty of obtaining fresh fruit and vegetables _______ great.
    are    had    was
  23. Politics __________ sometimes a dirty business.
    are    is
  24. A number of interesting suggestions ________ been made.
    have    has    is
  25. The public ________ requested not to walk on the grass.
    have    are    >was
  26. Two and two ________four.
    makes    made    make
  27. The cost of all these articles _________ risen.
    has    are    were
  28. The Principal and the supervisor ________ discussing some important issue.
    were    was    is
  29. The accountant and the cashier _______ hiding.
    is    are    was
  30. A good man and prominent citizen ________ passed away.
    were    are    has
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 1. was

 2. was

 3. a

 4. seem

 5. is

 6. costs

 7. was

 8. go

 9. was

10. has

11. is

12. needs

13. seems

14. works

15. makes

16. hopes

17. is

18. was

19. remind

20. was

21. were

22. was

23. is

24. have

25. are

26. a

27. has

28. were

29. are

30. has