Exercise on English Conditionals

Instructions: Select an alternative, then click "Show Solutions" to check the correct forms.
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  1. Where is Francis? If he _______ at the meeting place within ten minutes, he will still be able to come with us.
    will arrive    arrived    arrives
  2. If I _______ a garden, I ________ my own vegetables. Unfortunately, I live in a tall apartment building.
    had, would grow    would have, grew    have, will grow
  3. Why didn't you send her a letter? If you _______ to her, she _______ you right away.
    have written, will answer    will write, would answer    had written, would have answered
  4. If they _______ after midnight, don't answer.
    had phoned    will phone    phone
  5. If you _______ over for lunch tomorrow, I _______ my special dessert.
    came, will make    would come, had made    come, will make
  6. I ______ you my new flat. Let's say 1 o'clock?   will show    would have shown    had shown
  7. What would you do if you ______ the Lotto?
    won    would win    will win
  8. I'm glad I did my homework yesterday. If I _______ it, I would have got into trouble.
    don't do    hadn't done    didn't do
  9. He should take a taxi if he _______ to get there on time.
    wanted    has wanted    wants
  10. If the weather _______ nicer, we _______ along the beach. Unfortunately it rained all day.
    is, will walk   were, would walk    had been, would have walked
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 1. c
 2. a
 3. c
 4. c
 5. c
 6. a
 7. a
 8. b
 9. c
10. c