Exercise on Mixed Verb Tenses

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1. You should know that everyone in this office busily planning the meeting for a week.

2. "Have you ever played bingo?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, we all the time when I worked in London."

3. I'm planning to go fishing this weekend, but I have so much work to do that I stay home.

4. "Did you go to see a movie last night?" "Yes, but I home, because I wasn't feeling well."

5. James finish his homework tomorrow morning because the deadline is tomorrow noon.

6. "Do you like to play ping-pong?" "I , but now I prefer tennis, because it is better exercise."

7. Beverly is a wonderful singer. Her mother says that she since she was four.

8. I can't find my wallet. it at home.

9. Those two pictures hanging on the gallery wall in Italy.

10. Since I did not feel good, I wanted very much the doctor, but it was not possible.

11. Our cousin to a new neighborhood to work.

12. That actress's dress is really beautiful; it especially for her by an Italian designer.

13. "I couldn't go to work yesterday, because my car broke down." "You mine. I wasn't using it."

14. "Are we about to have dinner?" "Yes, it in the dining room."

15. that medical insurance is too high.

16. Did you say that you there only three days ago?

17. We were angry about the situation and insisted by the president.

18. "I'm always willing to help you. Just tell me what me to do."

19. All the food in the refrigerator eaten, and it is empty now.

20. Economics nearly as interesting to me as literature.

21. A basket of apples and oranges sent to us by our grandparents last Christmas.

22. The committee members could not agree which caused a serious problem.

23. My husband and I went to Brighton last May and exquisite lobsters.

24. Mary and Tom lived in San Francisco until March, but they to Baltimore.

25. I was very sick, but I've been feeling better since I the doctor.

26. I for Microsoft Inc. for six years in May.

27. a lot before you took the exam that you failed?

28. I to go to Paris, but my wife got sick three days before the departure.
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 1. has been

 2. used to play

 3. should

 4. would rather have stayed

 5. must

 6. used to

 7. has been singing

 8. I might have left

 9. were painted

10. to see

11. was sent

12. was made

13. could have borrowed

14. is being served

15. It is felt

16. went

17. on being seen

18. you want

19. has been

20. isn't

21. was

22. has

23. ate

24. have just moved

25. saw

26. will have worked

27. Had you studied

28. had been planning