Present Perfect: Exercise 01

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  1. He (not lose) any game this year.
  2. He (live) there when he was a child.
  3. I (never be) so sick.
  4. It (rain) all week.
  5. (go) to the concert on Friday?
  6. Look at the dog! What (happen) to it?
  7. She (be) unemployed since she left school.
  8. A car alarm (ring) for more than twenty minutes.
  9. I (give ) up smoking last year.
  10. How long (you play) tennis ?
  11. The newspaper (not be) very successful lately.
  12. I (see) Katherine and Thomas at the party.
  13. How long (you go) out with Frank?
  14. I (know) them since my schooldays.
  15. Why (you play) video games for hours?
  16. Where have you been? We (wait) for you since 5 pm.
  17. They (be) married for three years now.
  18. I (practise) the piano for 30 minutes.
  19. They (be) in Paris for two hours now.
  20. My aunt (have) the same car for more than 15 years.
  21. They (not work) since 5 o'clock.
  22. I (love) the circus ever since I was a child.
  23. We (build) a tree house last week.
  24. I (study) here for more than three years.
  25. Nobody (answer) the phone when it rang.
  26. She (work) at that company for decades.
  27. Here you are at last! We (be) here for more than half.
  28. I can't get into my house because I (lose) my keys.
  29. He (just stop) smoking. He lit his last cigarette yesterday.
  30. I'm very hungry. I (not eat) all day.
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 1. hasn't lost

 2. has lived / has been living

 3. have never been

 4. has been raining

 5. did you go

 6. has happened

 7. has been

 8. has been ringing

 9. gave

10. have you been playing

11. hasn't been

12. saw

13. have you been going

14. have known

15. have you been playing

16. have been waiting

17. have been

18. have been practising

19. have been

20. has had

21. haven't been working

22. have loved

23. built

24. have studied

25. answered

26. has been working / has worked

27. have been

28. have lost

29. has just stopped

30. haven't eaten