Present Perfect: Exercise 02

Write the verb form in the empty space, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.
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  1. Gary (study) for his German test since Wednesday.
  2. He (not arrive) yet.
  3. How's your Mum? I (not see) her for ages.
  4. It's the first time I (ever eat) Chinese food.
  5. (you ever take) a plane?
  6. John (work) for the government since he graduated.
  7. She (be) away for the last two weeks.
  8. (you buy) a ticket yet?
  9. I (finish) the exam in time yesterday.
  10. How long (she wait) for us?
  11. The dog (bark) since midnight.
  12. I (not hear) from her lately.
  13. My stereo . (stop) working last night.
  14. He can't drive because he (drink) too much.
  15. I (not find) a taxi so I came on the bus.
  16. Nothing like that (ever happen) to me.
  17. I (live) in the States for a year, but I'm going back home next week.
  18. They (not arrive) yet.
  19. I (learn) English for three years now.
  20. The weather (be) dreadful when we were there.
  21. I (feel) a little sick since Friday.
  22. They (live) in France for the last five years.
  23. I (love) chocolate since I was a child.
  24. This is the first time I (ever be) to Canada.
  25. We (not go) out last Saturday night.
  26. I (often be) to Scotland.
  27. Today she (not work) all morning.
  28. I (to work) for three years with that company.
  29. He (be) at home for ten minutes.
  30. I (never know) my grandfather, he died before I was born.
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 1. has been studying

 2. hasn't arrived

 3. haven't seen

 4. have ever eaten

 5. have you ever taken

 6. has worked / has been working

 7. has been

 8. have you bought

 9. didn't finish

10. has she been waiting

11. has been barking

12. haven't heard

13. stopped

14. has been drinking

15. didn't find

16. has ever happened

17. have been living

18. haven't arrived

19. have been learning

20. was

21. have felt

22. have been living

23. have loved

24. have ever been

25. didn't go

26. have often been

27. hasn't worked

28. have worked / have been working

29. has been

30. have never known