Present Perfect: Exercise 03

Write the verb form in the empty space, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer. The verbs must be inserted in one of these tenses:
  • present perfect --> I have spoken
  • present perfect continuous --> I have been speaking
  • simple past --> I spoke
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  1. He (just leave) his house.
  2. He (leave) a few minutes ago.
  3. I (already wash) the dishes.
  4. James (teach) at the university since June.
  5. (your course start) yet?
  6. John's nervous because he (never take) such a difficult test before.
  7. She (be) ill since Thursday
  8. (you ever be) to Canada?
  9. I (finish) the project last night.
  10. How long (your sister be) in Canada?
  11. The film (not start) yet.
  12. I (not take) the dog for a walk because it was raining.
  13. No one (manage) to do it yet.
  14. He's in hospital because he (break) leg last Monday.
  15. I (learn) to water-ski in 2005.
  16. Our kitchen's a mess. We (not do) any cleaning for weeks.
  17. They (already live) there.
  18. I (know ) her since we were at school together.
  19. Their new kitchen looks fantastic. They (repaint) it.
  20. Where have you been? I (not see) you for ages.
  21. I (go) to the theatre since I was 10.
  22. Two years ago, my cousin Lucy (break) her arm.
  23. I (never visit) my relatives in Canada.
  24. They (talk) for the last hour.
  25. I just (not have) the time to go to the cinema recently.
  26. We (know) them for a long time.
  27. I (not see) Judy for more than five years.
  28. She (play) video games for hours.
  29. I (work) in the insurance industry for over ten years.
  30. He (go) to Australia and will return next year.
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 1. has just left

 2. left

 3. have already washed

 4. has been teaching / has taught

 5. has your course started

 6. has never taken

 7. has been

 8. have you ever been

 9. finished

10. has your sister been

11. hasn't started

12. didn't take

13. has managed

14. broke

15. learned

16. haven't done

17. have already lived

18. have known

19. have repainted

20. haven't seen

21. have been going

22. broke

23. have never visited

24. have been talking

25. haven't had

26. have known

27. haven't seen

28. has been playing

29. have been working / have worked

30. has gone