Present Perfect: Exercise 04

Write the verb form in the empty space, then click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.
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  1. Alan (learn) French since September.
  2. He (die ) during the war.
  3. How many months (take / you) piano lessons?
  4. It's the first time I (eat ) caviar.
  5. (she ever meet) someone famous?
  6. Joe (watch) TV programs since he came to the USA.
  7. She (not be) there an hour ago.
  8. (you ever be) to Rome?
  9. I (buy ) it last week.
  10. How long (they know) each other?
  11. The children (be) on holiday for six days.
  12. I (not have) breakfast this morning.
  13. It's late! Most people (already go) into the cinema.
  14. He (speak) on the phone for half an hour.
  15. I (not have ) a holiday for ages.
  16. Nobody (ever say) that to me before.
  17. What (you do) for the last 30 minutes?
  18. They (not sign) the contract yet
  19. I (already hear) this story five times.
  20. The United States (have) a new president since January 2009.
  21. I (always want) to become a pianist.
  22. They (live) in Canada since 1995.
  23. Where (you study) English?
  24. This is the first time I (be ) here.
  25. We (not empty) the bin last week.
  26. I (not meet) her yet.
  27. Why (she not take) her bus for the last three weeks?
  28. I (study) Spanish since elementary school.
  29. He (not see) her since last year.
  30. We (wait) here for over two hours!
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 1. has been learning
 2. died
 3. have you been taking
 4. have eaten
 5. has she ever met
 6. has been watching
 7. wasn't
 8. Have you ever been
 9. bought
10. have they known
11. have been
12. didn't have
13. have already gone
14. has been speaking
15. haven't had
16. ever said
17. have you been doing
18. haven't signed
19. have already heard
20. has had 21. have always wanted
22. have lived / have been living
23. did you study
24. have been
25. didn't empty
26. haven't met
27. hasn't she taken
28. have been studying
29. haven't seen
30. have been waiting