Distributives in English: either/or, neither/nor, each, every

Each, every, either, neither indicate how something is distributed, divided or shared. They are used with singular nouns, before the noun. Each and every are adjectives corresponding to the Italian "ogni", "ciascuno"; for the pronoun we use: everyone / everybody (=ciascuno, tutti), everything (=ogni cosa, tutto), everywhere (ovunque). Either... or correspond to the Italian "o", that is normally used only before the second word. Neither... nor correspond to the Italian "né", which is also normally used only before the second term.
  • Each man will receive $100.
  • Every third morning John goes jogging.
  • He has lunch at midday each working day.
  • Neither of them was given the prize.
  • I can stay at either hotel, they are both good.
  • Which one would you like? Neither.
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