Exclamatives in English

The exclamatives such and what introduce an expression of surprises, admiration or another strong emotion or reaction. In Italian we usually find the word "che" for what, and "così" or "tanto" for such. If followed by a countable singular, w use "such a" and "what a".
  • Che sorpresa --> What a surprise!
  • Che spreco! --> Such a waste!
  • Non ho mai conosciuto un uomo tanto terribile! --> I've never met such a terrible man!
  • Che caffè disgustoso! --> What a disgusting cup of coffee!
  • Che bella giornata! --> What a lovely day!
  • Che belle ragazze! --> What beautiful girls!
  • John è un chitarrista così bravo! --> John's such a fantastic guitarist!
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