Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns in English

  • The adjectives and pronouns are invariable, that is, there is only one form for the singular, plural, masculine and feminine. For example, "my" corresponds to the Italian: mio, mia, miei, mie.
  • Another important difference with most neo-Latin languages is that possessives do not take any article.
  • Moreover, the gender of the possessive of the third person singular depends on the possessor, e.g.,
    • Jane's brother is married to John's sister. --> Her brother is married to his sister
    • Mary and her car
    • John and his friends
    • the dog and its kennel.
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  • subject pronoun Possessives
    adjective italian pronoun
    I my mio mine
    you your tuo/vostro yours
    he his suo (di lui)* his
    she her suo (di lei)* hers
    it its suo (di esso) --
    we our nostro ours
    they their loro theirs