Prepositions of Time: in, at, and on

Uses of 'IN'

  • with the words: "past", "future"
  • with morning, afternoon, evening
  • with years, months, seasons
    • She was taking breakfast in the morning.
    • I was sleeping in the afternoon.
    • Chris was reading a novel in January
    • I used to visit the library in 1998.
    • I'll work with you in the future.
    • It snows in winter

Uses of 'AT'

  • with noon, midnight, and night.
  • with clock time
  • with "present"
    • She was expected to reach here at noon.
    • Jeremy was in the club at midnight.
    • There was a knock on the door at night.<
    • I have to leave for office at 9 o'clock
    • Monica is not available at present.

Uses of 'ON'

  • with dates (day of the month)
  • with a weekday
    • Fifty years of independence was celebrated in India on August 15, 1997.
    • My sister's marriage will be on July 15.
    • My uncle invited me for dinner on the last Friday.
    • with weekday + morning, evening, and afternoon.
    • Tom will come and join us on Monday evening.

Use of Among/Between

Between refers to two things/persons, Among to more than two things/persons. They both correspond to the Italian "tra" / "fra".
  • A quarrel arose between the two sisters.
  • Slavery exists among certain tribes.
  • A paper is lying among the books.
  • He stood between the girls. (= the girls were two)
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