Spelling - Words with ee or ea

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  1.   They robbed the bank and now the police are on their ___.
    heels     heals
  2.   Those two actors always ___ the show.
    steel     steal
  3.   You don't ___ the apples to prepare this dessert.
    peel     peal
  4.   There's a new product on the market to keep ___ away from your dog.
    flees     fleas
  5.   Don't ___ around the bush!
    beet     beat
  6.   My ___ friend, life is a box of surprises.
    deer     dear
  7.   What are you ___ at?
    peeking     peaking
  8.   I can't understand why you haven't caught any fish yet. Fish ___ in this river!
    teems     teams
  9.   Vegetables at that supermarket went ___ this week.
    cheep     cheap
  10.   We must do something quickly. The rain is ___ in the room.
    leeking     leaking
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 1. heels
 2. steal
 3. peel
 4. fleas
 5. beat
 6. dear
 7. peeking
 8. teems
 9. cheap
10. leaking