Lexicon - Animal Idioms

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  1. He ate everything himself and made a real ...... of himself.
    pig    dog    donkey
  2. There's no point in dodging the issue. You've got to take the ...... by the horns.
    goat    bull    cow
  3. The competition is far too tough. We don't stand a ...... in hell's chance of winning.
    dog    cat    fish
  4. You've got to do it. You can't ...... out now.
    mouse    rat    chicken
  5. You're far too stubborn. Stop being so ......-headed.
    donkey    horse    pig
  6. It was great to see him again. We haven't met for ......'s years.
    tortoise    donkey    elephant
  7. Don't worry about her. She wouldn't hurt a .......
    horse    mouse    fly
  8. He's going to tell the boss. That will set the cat among the .......
    mice    pigeons    chickens
  9. His boss is always him ordering to do things he doesn't want to. He leads a ......'s life.
    dog    pig    horse
  10. Things aren't what they used to be. This country's going to the ........
    pigs    dogs    sheep
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 1. pig

 2. bull

 3. cat

 4. chicken

 5. pig

 6. donkey

 7. fly

 8. pigeons

 9. dog

10. dogs