Comprehension Exercise 02 - "Can you help me?"

Read the text, then answer the questions clicking on the radio button. When you're over, click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answers.


Rie is a student. She's staying with the Brookshires, a family in St. Louis. There are three people in the Brookshire family: Mr. and Mrs. Brookshire and Lynn, their daughter.

Rie: Mrs. Brookshire, can you help me? I'm reading this magazine and I don't understand this word.
Mrs. Brookshire: Which one? Oh, that... hmmm, sorry, I'm really busy now. I'll help you later.
Rie: Oh? What are you doing?
Mrs. Brookshire: I'm watching TV.
Rie: What are you watching?
Mrs. Brookshire: It's a love story with Demi Moore.
Rie: Can Mr. Brookshire help me?
Mrs. Brookshire: Well, he's busy, too. He's reading.
Rie: What's he reading?
Mrs. Brookshire: He's reading a book about Africa.
Rie: What about Lynn? Can she help me?
Mrs. Brookshire: Oh, she can't help you right now. She's talking on the phone.
Rie: Who's she talking to?
Mrs. Brookshire: Her boyfriend. You are asking a lot of questions tonight.
Rie: I know. I'm practicing asking questions in English.

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  1. How many people are in the Brookshire family?
     a. 2     b. 3     c. 4     d. 5
  2. Where is Rie?
     a. In St. Louis     b. In Boston     c. In Los Angeles     d. In New York
  3. What is Rie doing?
     a. watching TV     b. listening to the radio     c. sleeping     d. reading a magazine
  4. What is Mrs. Brookshire doing?
     a. reading a book     b. singing a song     c. watching TV     d. helping Mr. Brookshire
  5. Will she help Rie?
     a. yes     no
  6. Can Mr. Brookshire help?
     a. yes     b. no
  7. What's Mr. Brookshire doing?
     a. reading a book     b. helping Rie     c. watching TV     d. playing cards
  8. What's Lynn doing?
     a. drinking coffee     b. singing a song     c. writing a letter     d. talking on the telephone
  9. Can Lynn help?
     a. yes     b. no
  10. What's Rie doing at the end?
     a. learning Japanese     b. practicing English     c. giving Lynn some help     d. talking to Mr. Brookshire
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 1. b
 2. a
 3. d
 4. c
 5. b
 6. b
 7. a
 8. d
 9. b
10. b