Dialogues - Replies to questions 01

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  1. I got a job at McDonald's.
     1. I hear that tastes really good.     2.That's wonderful. Congratulations!     3. When are you going for an interview?
  2. Do you think you'd like a cup of coffee?
     1. Sorry, I haven't had one yet.     2.Thanks, I'm really thirsty.     3. Could I offer you some coffee?
  3. Was Ms. Johnson hired as the head of the sales department in Seattle?
     1. Yes, I heard she was fired last week.     2.Yes, and I hear she's good at the job.     3. Yes, she has been to a lot of sales.
  4. I really must apologize for not being present at the meeting.
     1. Please don't give it another thought.     2.The meeting starts in about ten minutes.     3. Yes, I'm prepared for the meeting.
  5. Please let me help you.
     1. No, thanks. I can manage.     2.You really need some help.     3. I need some help here.
  6. Could I ask you to take our picture in front of the townhall?
     1. Sure, no problem.     2.Not at all.     3. I like pictures.
  7. I'd appreciate it very much if you would attend the meeting in my place.
     1. The meeting was held last week.     2.I'm afraid I have a conflict.     3. I'm glad the meeting was scheduled.
  8. Would you like to stop for a drink on the way home?
     1. I don't like to drink.     2.That would be nice.     3. The rink is next door.
  9. Would you like to come over for dinner sometime next week?
     1. Thanks, but I'm not really that hungry.     2.Do you have any plans for next week?     3. I'd like to, but I'll be out of town.
  10. Could I get you to get me a cup of tea?
     1. Not at all.     2.Yes, I'd like some tea.     3. Sure, in just a minute.
  11. Shouldn't you go see a dentist about your toothache?
     1. Yes, I probably should.     2.I have a bad toothache.     3. The dentist is here today.
  12. How many people are expected at the meetings?
     1. I expect the meetings will be short.     2.Sorry, there aren't any meetings.     3. We expect 12 people at each meeting.
  13. Shouldn't there be six copies of the report?
     1. Are there six copies there?     2.There were, but I already took one.     3. Put the copies of the report here.
  14. Do we have enough food for the party?
     1. The party starts at 9 tomorrow night.     2.No, I'm sure we'll have enough.     3. We can stop for some snacks on the way home.
  15. If you're free Sunday, shall we go to the beach?
     1. What are you doing on Sunday?     2.Why don't we? The weather should be good.     3. The peach will be cold this weekend.
  16. We have enough beer for the party, don't we?
     1. I'm not sure, I'll check.     2.There's plenty of wine.     3. No, we need to get more snacks.
  17. How about if we go out for breakfast tomorrow morning?
     1. That's a good idea. Where shall we go?     2.I'll check to see what we have in the refrigerator.     3. Sorry, but I've already had lunch. Maybe tomorrow.
  18. Could I carry that bag for you?
     1. I'd appreciate it if you would.     2.I think the bag should be here.     3. The bag is in the car.
  19. The best solution might be to talk to your tutor directly.
     1. That a good idea, I'll write a letter.     2.You may be right. I'll give it a try.     3. No, I haven't met your tutor.
  20. Would you mind turning down the TV?
     1. I like to watch TV.     2.I don't like a loud volume.     3. No, not at all.
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 1) 2

 2) 2

 3) 2

 4) 1

 5) 1

 6) 1

 7) 2

 8) 2

 9) 3

10) 3

11) 1

12) 3

13) 2

14) 3

15) 2

16) 1

17) 1

18) 1

19) 2

20) 3