Dialogues - Replies to questions 02

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  1. Would you like to come over for dinner Monday night?
    1. I'd love to. What time?    2. Sorry, but I have plans for Wednesday.    3. What's showing on Monday night?
  2. Do you want me to finish this for you?
    1. Sure. Just make 20 more copies.    2. In an hour and a half, please.    3. Less than £20, I think.
  3. You paid the phone bill, didn't you?
    1. That's your job, not mine.    2. Yes, I received the phone bill.    3. Yes, the gas bill is paid.
  4. Are you sure that Francis is coming in on this evening's plane from Atlanta?
    1. Yes, that's the schedule he gave me.    2. Yes, I was on the same plane.    3. The plane arrived an hour ago.
  5. Could you do something for me on your lunch hour today?
    1. Yes, I'm going home after work.    2. Yes, it's difficult to do it.    3. Sure, what do you need?
  6. Haven't we met before?
    1. I believe we met last month at the opera.    2. Yes, I saw you on stage in a play.    3. I think I didn't meet her.
  7. Why were you absent from class last week?
    1. I am here now.    2. I was sick.    3. I was absent last week.
  8. May I borrow your copy of the sales report?
    1. Sorry, I lent it to someone else.    2. The sales were really good this month.    3. We received the sales report this morning.
  9. Congratulations! I hear you're getting married.
    1. Well, I'm still young.    2. Thank you.    3. Mary is a close friend.
  10. Would you like some tea?
    1. Yes, I like tea very much.    2. Yes, with lemon please.    3. Yes, please have some.
  11. Whose desk is that by the window?
    1. The one by the window is Alice's.    2. My desk is close to the door.    3. You can close the window, if you want.
  12. Did you hear that the company is thinking of relocating its main office?
    1. It's main office is in Berlin.    2. Yes, I can hear very well.    3. It seems they're thinking of moving to Zurich.
  13. Ms. White is in a meeting now. Could I leave her a message?
    1. Could I speak to Ms. White, please?    2. I'd like to make a phone call, please.    3. Sure. What should I tell her?.
  14. Wasn't that a wonderful painting Arthur showed us?
    1. Yes, it was just plain.    2. No, I didn't think so, either.    3. Yes, he has really good taste.
  15. My brother died last week.
    1. I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry.    2. It's still in hospital? That's too bad.    3. Are you going to call an ambulance?
  16. Excuse me, but I think that's a "D", not a "T".
    1. There's no excuse.    2. I see, you're wrong.    3. OK, I'll change it.
  17. If you're free Friday night, I'd like to have you and Jason over for dinner.
    1. Sorry, but we'll be out of town Friday.    2. Is there anything good on TV Friday night?    3. We'd love to come. What time?
  18. Excuse me, but my order hasn't been taken.
    1. Your meal will be here in a few minutes.    2. That's a really good idea. I'll get right on it.    3. Oh, sorry. I can take it right now.
  19. I'm sorry I was late--the traffic was terrible.
    1. It's OK, you're not too late.    2. Yes, being late is terrible.    3. Oh, I'm glad to hear that.
  20. I'm getting married next month.
    1. Congratulations!    2. That's too bad.    3. How do you feel?
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 1) 1

 2) 1

 3) 1

 4) 1

 5) 3

 6) 1

 7) 2

 8) 1

 9) 2

10) 2

11) 1

12) 3

13) 3

14) 3

15) 1

16) 3

17) 3

18) 3

19) 1

20) 1