Dialogues - Replies to questions 03

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  1. Sorry for being late.
    1. That's all right.    2. Yes, that is a fault.    3. Do you know you're late?
  2. I like your haircut.
    1. I'm sorry to hear that.    2. Thank you. I went to a haidresser's yesterday.    3. Yes, Ididn't have my hair cut.
  3. Which kind of movie are you in the mood for, a sci-fi or a mystery?
    1. I'm just not in a really good mood.    2. That's a good idea, let's go to a movie.    3. I don't like romances, so let's see the mystery.
  4. Do you have time to go out for a pizza?
    1. I'm not hungry.    2. Sure, let's go.    3. It's not time yet.
  5. I heard that you'll be the next department boss. Congratulations!
    1. Thank you. I hope I can do a good job.    2. The family is pretty good as well.    3. That's right, I'm quitting next month.
  6. If you'll wait in the waiting room, the doctor will be with you soon.
    1. I think so.    2. Thank you.    3. I'm sorry.
  7. Would you mind filing these documents for me?
    1. No, not at all.    2. The documents are on my desk.    3. Yes, I'll write to you.
  8. How many copies do you have?
    1. Let me know how many copies you want, and I'll make them.    2. You'll find the copies on the desk.    3. There are only five.
  9. Isn't this a beautiful poster?
    1. Yes, it would look good in my living room.    2. Yes, I really do like pottery.    3. I don't like it very much, either.
  10. Don't you need a better light to read?
    1. Yes, that would help. Thanks.    2. No, its on the left, not the right.    3. I'm reading a newspaper now.
  11. I'm really sorry.
    1. That's OK.    2. Thank you.    3. Good work.
  12. Why don't we stop for a pizza on the way to the concert hall?
    1. I'm on the way to the concert hall now.    2. That sounds like a good idea.    3. Our pizza is right over there.
  13. How would you like your steak?
    1. I'd like it well-done.    2. It's pretty good.    3. I like steak very much.
  14. Is there time to get some tea before class?
    1. There is if you hurry.    2. I'm going to the next class.    3. I prefer coffee to tea.
  15. I'm going for a swim. Do you want to come?
    1. Yes, it is a little rainy.    2. I'd like to, but I'm busy.    3. Shall we go swimming?
  16. If you're free next week, let's take a trip to Athens.
    1. What are you doing next week?    2. That sounds like fun.    3. I'm rather busy this week.
  17. That's a nice shirt. The color really suits you.
    1. Yes, it's an ugly color.    2. Thank you. It's my favorite color.    3. I'm glad you like my coat.
  18. Who did you vote for in the election?
    1. I always vote Labour.    2. I voted at home.    3. I voted in the voting booth.
  19. We used to grow tomatoes in our garden.
    1. What kind of tomatoes did you grow?    2. OK, have some tomatoes.    3. I really like potatoes.
  20. How long have you been living in England?
    1. For 5 hours without a break.    2. I really like living in England.    3. Since I started working for my company.
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 1) 1

 2) 2

 3) 3

 4) 2

 5) 1

 6) 2

 7) 1

 8) 3

 9) 1

10) 1

11) 1

12) 2

13) 1

14) 1

15) 2

16) 2

17) 2

18) 1

19) 1

20) 3