Practice Exercise 01 - Arizona

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  1. Arizona was once thought to be an ___ worthless desert.
     almost     all most     already     all ready
  2. Arizona is an exciting, vibrant state ___ is growing rapidly in manufacturing and population.
     when     where     who     which
  3. Arizona is ___ next to California.
     location     located     locations     locators
  4. Arizona is probably best known ___ the Grand Canyon State.
     to     for     as     of
  5. The Grand Canyon ___ one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
     is     was     were     am
  6. The Colorado River flows through ___ Grand Canyon.
     a     an     of     the
  7. Different natural wonders of Arizona ___ the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and the Petrified Forest.
     included     including     include     includes
  8. Other spectacular ___ include national parks, forests, and monuments.
     attract     attraction     attractions     attracts     attracting
  9. The capital of Arizona ___ Phoenix.
     were     located     in     is
  10. The state flower is the Saguaro ___ Cactus.
     Giant     Giants     Bigger     Grander
  11. Arizona ranks as ___ sixth largest state in America.
     an     a     the     for
  12. A famous Western town ___ Wyatt Earp got notoriety as a gunfighter is Tombstone.
     what     where     when     who
  13. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum ___ animals and plants that live in the Arizona desert.
     looks at     looking     display at     displays     display at     displaies
  14. There is magnificent scenery ___ the state.
     out     throughout     always     on
  15. Even though the Arizona summers are very hot, people who ___ in Arizona stay very comfortable because of air-conditioning.
     were lived     live     alive     living     live for
  16. People who flock down to Arizona for the winter to ___ the cold winters are called snow birds.
     enjoys     hate     escape     dislike     abstain
  17. Perhaps the ___ beautiful highway in America is 89A which goes from Flagstaff to Sedona.
     many     lots     plenty of     most
  18. Arizona has more golf courses ___ anywhere in America.
     than     then     those     this
  19. There is ___ fishing there too.
     many     lots and     lot of     lot and
  20. Seven national ___ cover over 11 million acres in Arizona.
     forests     forest     forrests     forrest
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 1. almost

 2. which

 3. located

 4. as

 5. is

 6. the

 7. include

 8. attractionsv  9. is

10. is

11. the

12. where

13. displays

14. throughout

15. live

16. escape

17. most

18. than

19. lots of

20. forests