Practice Exercise 04 - Colorado

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  1. The capital of Colorado is ___.
     Colorado Springs     Denver     Steamboat Springs     Montrose
  2. There are 54 mountain peaks in Colorado over14,000 feet in ___.
     height     highest     higher
  3. The mountains, plains and plateaus are the three geographic ___ of Colorado.
     cities     altitudes     regions
  4. The average elevation ___ Colorado is 6,800 feet above sea level.
     of     at     on
  5. Pikes Peak was the first Colorado ___ to be named on maps.
     river     mountain     canyon
  6. Colorado became a state ___1876.
     around     at     about     in
  7. The first American to explore Colorado ___ Zebulon Pike.
     are     am     was
  8. The Royal Gorge, a famous canyon, was cut ___ the Arkansas River.
     through     in     on     by
  9. Colorado is ___ as large as England.
     two     second     twice
  10. The highest peak in Colorado is Mt. Elbert ___14,431 feet.
     on     to     at     under
  11. Four states that ___ to form an area known as "the four corners" are: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.
     meet     cross     make
  12. Colorado's professional football team ___ Denver, Broncos.
     is a     are a     is the
  13. In June of 1997, Prime Minister Hashimoto ___ a summit of international leaders in Denver.
     sponsored     attended     watched
  14. The first Europeans to settle in Colorado ___ the Spanish.
      are     was     were
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 1. b

 2. a

 3. c

 4. a

 5. b

 6. d

 7. c

 8. d

 9. c

10. c

11. a

12. c

13. b

14. c