Practice Exercise 05 - Christmas Traditions

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  1. What bird is cooked for Christmas dinner?

  2. Where are the presents kept before opening them?

  3. What is hung outside on the door?

  4. What kind of songs are sung?

  5. Before electricity, what did people put on the trees?

  6. What is a common four letter abbreviation of Christmas?

  7. What plant with red berries is used for decorations?

  8. What do you kiss under?

  9. What kind of calendar is opened by children leading up to Christmas?

  10. What are pulled at the table?

  11. What colour is Santa's suit?

  12. What is Santa's lead reindeer called?

  13. What do the reindeers pull for Santa Claus?

  14. What colour are Santa's boots?

  15. What night does Santa come?

  16. How does Santa get into the house?

  17. What does Santa carry the toys in?

  18. What do children hang up for Santa to put the toys in?

  19. If you are a bad boy or girl, what does Santa bring you for Christmas?

  20. Who helps Santa to make toys at the North Pole?

  21. How many wisemen were there?

  22. Where did Mary and Joseph have to sleep?

  23. What did the wisemen follow?

  24. What did Mary ride on?

  25. What was Joseph's job?

  26. What city did Joseph and Mary go to?

  27. Who were watching the sheep?

  28. Did Joseph and Mary see an angel?

  29. What did the wisemen bring?

  30. What was the evil king's name?
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 1. a turkey

 2. under the tree

 3. a wreath

 4. carols

 5. candles

 6. Xmas

 7. holly

 8. mistletoe

 9. an Advent calendar

10. crackers

11. Red

12. Rudolph

13. a sleigh

14. black

15. December 24th

16. down the chimney

17. a sack

18. a stocking

19. nothing

20. elves

21. three

22. in a stable

23. a star

24. a donkey

25. a carpenter

26. Bethlehem

27. the shepherds

28. Yes

29. gold, frankincense & myrrh

30. Herod