Practice Text 01: "The Donkey and the Grasshopper"

Read the story once or twice. Be sure you understand most of it, then make a choice in the various "Select" fields, finally click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.


A donkey heard some grasshoppers chirping. He was enchanted and also wanted to possess their charming melody. He asked, "What food do you eat to give you such beautiful voices?" They replied, "The dew." The donkey then decided that he would only eat dew. In a short time, he died of hunger.
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Vocabulary exercise

Match the vocabulary words and their definitions.

1. " to chirp "

2. " enchanted "

3. " charming "

4. " a melody "

5. " dew "

6. " a donkey "

7. " a grasshopper "

8. " to possess "

Completion exercise

Complete the following story using the correct words.

While riding my (1) through the forest, I stopped to admire a very old tree. "Have you seen the (2)?" an angry voice asked from above me. I looked up and saw several birds (3) on a branch. "He drank all the (4), you know," said the largest with a toss of feathers. I stood with my mouth open, completely (5). "That little insect thinks he (6) the whole forest. He doesn't. Not at all." The bird looked at me. His colors were (7). I could only stare. "It can't talk. It probably can't even sing a simple (8)," he said with a short look at the other birds, and flew away.

Multiple Choice exercise

Select the best answer for each of the following questions.

1. Why did the donkey notice the grasshoppers?
 a. He was singing.
 b. He liked their voices.
 c. They were eating dew.

2. What did he ask them?
 a. What do they eat?
 b. Why are they singing?
 c. Why are they hungry?

3. What did they tell him?
 a. They were very hungry.
 b. They liked to sing.
 c. They eat dew.

4. What did the donkey decide?
 a. To follow the grasshoppers.
 b. To eat the grasshoppers.
 c. To eat dew like the grasshoppers.

5. What happened to the donkey?
 a. He sang.
 b. He died.
 c. He ate the grasshoppers.

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Vocabulary Exercise
1. f
2. h
3. c
4. g
5. b
6. d
7. a
8. e

Completion Exercise
1. a
2. b
3. h
4. d
5. g
6. c
7. f
8. e

Multiple Choice
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. c
5. b