Practice Text 04: "The Tortoise and the Hare"

Read the story once or twice. Be sure you understand most of it, then make a choice in the various "Select" fields, finally click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.


One day a hare made fun of the short feet and slow pace of a tortoise, who replied, laughing: "Although you might be fast, I will beat you in a race." The hare agreed to a race, believing it would be impossible for the tortoise to win. On the day of the race, the two began side by side. The tortoise never stopped for a moment, but crawled with a slow, steady pace directly toward the finish line. The hare, sitting beside the course, fell fast asleep. At last waking up, and moving as fast as he could, he saw the tortoise on the other side of the finish line. He was resting comfortably.
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True/False exercise

If the statement is correct, select "True", if it is incorrect, select "False".

1. The tortoise was the fastest.
True False

2. The hare was too confident.
True False

3. The hare won the race.
True False

4. The hare had the ability to win the race.
True False

5. The tortoise was better prepared for the race.
True False

Vocabulary exercise

Match the vocabulary words and their definitions.

1. " to make fun of "

2. " steady "

3. " a pace "

4. " to beat "

5. " a race "

6. " side by side "

7. " to crawl "

8. " directly "

9. " finish line "

10. " comfortably "

Completion exercise

Complete the following story using the correct words.

It was a big bicycle (1) . Diane was very nervous. She knew she was not the best competitor. In fact many of the girls (2) her old bike. She told them that it might look old but it was all she had. The girls lined up (3) . It seemed like time (4) before the starter's gun went off. "Bam!" went the gun and the girls rode (5) for the (6) . Diane never moved as quickly and (7) . Her feet pedalled at an amazing (8) . Before she knew it, she was in her bed (9) at home. Oh, I must have been dreaming, because I never could have (10) those girls on that big old bike I have.

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True/False Exercise
1. False
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. True

Vocabulary Exercise
1. i
2. b
3. g
4. c
5. d
6. a
7. h
8. e
9. j
10. f

Completion Exercise
1. c
2. e
3. j
4. a
5. f
6. i
7. b
8. g
9. d
10. h