Practice Text 05: "The Father and His Sons"

Read the story once or twice. Be sure you understand most of it, then make a choice in the various "Select" fields, finally click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer.


A father had a family of sons who were always fighting. He had no luck trying to stop their arguments with words, so he decided to teach them a lesson. He told his sons to bring him a bunch of sticks. He took the sticks and gave them to his eldest son and asked him to break them. The eldest son tried with all his strength but was not able to do it. The other sons tried and were also unsuccessful. The father then separated the sticks and put one into each son's hand. He asked his sons again to try and break the sticks. They broke them easily. The father said, "My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be like these sticks together; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as a single stick."
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True/False exercise

If the statement is correct, select "True", if it is incorrect, select "False".

2. The father had many sons.
True False

3. The father was concerned about his sons.
True False

4. The father needed sticks for the fire.
True False

5. The eldest son tried to break the sticks first.
True False

6. The youngest son broke the bunch of sticks.
True False

7. The father broke all the sticks.
True False

8. It was easier for the sons to break the sticks one at a time.
True False

Vocabulary exercise

Match the vocabulary words and their definitions.

1. " luck "

2. " an argument "

3. " to decide "

4. " to teach someone a lesson "

5. " a bunch "

6. " a stick "

7. " eldest "

8. " to break "

9. " strength "

10. " unsuccessful "

11. " to separate "

12. " a mind "

13. " to unite "

14. " to assist "

15. " together "

16. " among "

Completion exercise

Complete the following story using the correct words.

Dear Mom and Dad: Camp is really exciting. Last night a (1) of campers were having an (2). They were fighting (3) themselves about the best way to make a fire. However, a few of us (4) ourselves from them and (5) not to get involved. I was one of them. The (6) counselor wanted (7), so he sent them into the forest to look for (8) for the fire. He encouraged them to go (9), but a few wanted to show their (10) and went alone. Those that went together were able to (11) each other and came back with many sticks. But those that went alone were (12). In fact one boy even (13) his leg after falling into a hole! When we were all (14) around the campfire the counselor told us how important it was to get along and be of one (15). I was (16) to learn that lesson at the campfire and not in the forest!

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True/False Exercise
1. False
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. True
6. False
7. False
8. True

Vocabulary Exercise
1. d
2. k
3. c
4. f
5. a
6. g
7. m
8. p
9. h
10. j
11. i
12. b
13. l
14. e
15. n
16. o

Completion Exercise
1. k
2. h
3. m
4. c
5. o
6. a
7. p
8. b
9. f
10. n
11. d
12. i
13. g
14. j
15. e
16. n