Learn English through Songs

This section includes cloze activities on song lyrics, that is you have to choose the right word from a list, an exercise involving grammar, lexicon and other aspects of language learning. Each song is accompanied by listening through recordings available on YouTube.
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Latest Uploaded Songs

It Is Well with My Soul
It Is Well with My Soul
A fine gospel, performed by the Gaither Vocal Band, with lots of biblical language.
In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry
In the Summertime
A 1970 hit by Mungo Jerry, written by Ray Dorset, has become a catchy, unmistakable tune for the holidays.
Tears in Heaven
Tears in Heaven
Eric Clapton's inspirational song, composed in 1993 after the tragic death of his 4-year-old son Conor.
When I get where I'm going
When I get where I'm going
Brad Paisley's inspirational song for loved ones who crossed the rainbow bridge, a classic of country music.
Perhaps Love, John Denver
Perhaps Love, John Denver
From 1982, live at the Apollo Theatre, London, one of John Denver's finest songs.
Wind of Change
Wind of Change
Widely known as the song of German reunification, and of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe...
A Horse with No Name
A Horse with No Name
Recorded by the band America in early 1972, it was often interpreted as a drug reference since the word "horse"...
99 Red Balloons
99 Red Balloons
Brought to success by German group Nena, the English version of one of the most famous anti-war song
Hes alive - Dolly Parton
He's Alive
A Christian ballad written by Don Francisco, the song tells the story of Christ's resurrection from Peter's point of view.
Writings On The Wall
Writing's On The Wall
Written by Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith, the theme song of "Spectre" was Academy Awards 2016 winner for Best Original Song.
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
A catchy tune from the Sixties, lyrics written and first recorded by Nancy Sinatra, later a cover for many other artists.

Songs with Italian parallel text

Easy Cloze Songs

Medium-difficulty Cloze Songs

Difficult Cloze Songs

How to use the cloze songs exercises

Make a choice by clicking on the *Select* button, then once finished click "Show Solutions" to see the correct answer. Each word can be used only once, and they are listed alphabetically.

In the top section of each song's page you can see a list of the words to be inserted with their Italian meaning [but you might disregard this help]. Depending on both your knowledge level and the song difficulty, you can use a variety of other approaches:
  • The exercise can be done both as a reading and/or as a listening comprehension, listening to the song on the embedded video.
  • On a first reading, try to place one word at a time and see if the sentence has meaning.
  • The song should be listened to as many times as necessary, inserting more words each time and therefore making the task easier.
  • If you find one song too difficult, you can read the text first, clicking on the Solutions button, then click on "Hide Solutions" and go back to the task.
  • Since Repetition is one of the basic strategies in language learning, repeating the task days or weeks later will help fix the new words and expressions in your long-term memory. Always remember that you are your best personal trainer.

Come utilizzare gli esercizi "cloze"

Fare una scelta facendo clic sul pulsante *Select*, poi concluso l'esercizio fare clic su "Show Solutions" in fondo per controllare le risposte. Le parole mancanti sono elencate in ordine alfabetico e vanno inserire una sola volta.

Nella sezione in alto della pagina di ogni canzone è possibile vedere l'elenco delle parole da inserire con il significato italiano [ma si potrebbe ignorare questo aiuto]. A seconda del livello di conoscenze e della difficoltà del testo, è possibile utilizzare una varietà di altri approcci:

  • L'esercizio può essere fatto come comprensione in lettura e/o ascolto, utilizzando il video YouTube mentre farete l'esercizio.
  • In una prima lettura, prova a mettere una parola alla volta e vedete se la frase ha un senso.
  • La canzone dovrebbe essere ascoltata tutte le volte necessarie, l'inserimento di altre parole ad ogni volta successiva rende il compito più facile.
  • Se vi sembra che un testo sia troppo difficile, è possibile leggere le soluzioni, quindi fare clic su "Hide Solutions" e tornare al testo da completare.
  • Dal momento che la Ripetizione è una delle strategie base nell'apprendimento delle lingue, ripetere l'esercizio dopo qualche tempo aiuterà a fissare le nuove parole ed espressioni nella memoria a lungo termine. Ricordate sempre che il vostro miglior personal trainer siete voi stessi.